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Developing Emotional Intelligence Skills to Improve Company Culture

More leading executives are using mindfulness to create high-performing cultures. There is a very simple reason for this: In the modern business, EQ is more important than IQ. EQ, or "emotional intelligence," is highly trainable through a variety of mindfulness and positive psychology techniques.

Uncover What is Driving Your Pharmacy Spend

Specialty medications represent 35% to 40% or more of pharmacy-related costs for employers, despite treating just 1% to 2% of eligible participants. In the next couple of years, specialty drugs are expected to comprise 50% of total drug spend, with only 2% to 3% of the population driving this trend.

Workplace Well-being: The 5 Pillars of Employee Health Behavior Change

There are many ways to drive engagement around employee well-being programs, but how do you develop behaviors that stick? Join LifeDojo CEO Chris Cutter, who will draw on his public health and behavior change experience to explore ways you can create employee well-being programs that drive long-term behavior change.

Certified Benefits Professional® (CBP)

Make a direct impact on the level of satisfaction and engagement among your employees with a Certified Benefits Professional® (CBP) designation from WorldatWork. This highly respected certification signifies that you have U.S.-specific knowledge regarding the design and integration of benefits programs with business strategies, including legal and regulatory compliance and outsourcing with service partners. The CBP is earned after obtaining a passing score for all required exams. Preparation courses for each of the required exams are available in a variety of convenient learning formats.

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