Entering Indebted: Addressing the Student Debt Crisis to Improve Employees’ Financial Wellness – NEW!

Student debt is rising at a dramatic pace: in 2016, the average graduate had $37,172 in student loan debt.

The stress connected to alleviating this debt is felt by employees across all age groups, from Generation Z and Millennials to those pursuing graduate degrees, to parents paying for their children’s education.

This, in turn, has damaging repercussions on organizations, including reduced employee productivity (e.g.: $7,000 in lost value per employee each year) as well as turnover rates above 40%. 

Participants will learn more about the surprising prevalence of student debt among today’s workforce, as well as how companies are choosing to address this growing concern. They will get the opportunity to explore the benefits and challenges of integrating student debt assistance into employee benefits packages, and how to gain buy-in from company executives.

Key Takeaways

  • Awareness of the national student debt crisis as one of the primary challenges affecting today’s workforce.
  • Understanding of how this crisis is draining resources amongst U.S. organizations in the form of diminished employee productivity and high turnover costs.
  • Perspective on how current financial benefits such as e.g. 401(k) programs are failing to alleviate this issue and have, as a result, become less impactful.
  • Knowledge of the ways in which the American market has started to address employee student debt.

Learnings on how an organization can begin to improve employee financial wellness.

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Tara Fung

Head of Development
CommonBond for Business

As Head of Development, Tara has the opportunity to speak with employers every day to help them determine whether or not a student loan benefit makes sense for their organization. Prior to CommonBond, Tara worked at German automotive giant, Daimler AG, in international strategy and project management roles. 

While completing her MBA at Harvard Business School, Tara saw firsthand how classmates were making job decisions based on their student debt. She heard time and time again people saying they were accepting jobs they did not want in order to pay off their loans as quickly as possible. It was this experience that changed Tara's career trajectory. She decided to join CommonBond and be part of the solution to the student debt crisis.

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