Remediation Strategies to Address Pay Inequities


A pay equity analysis is critical to determine if pay inequity exists within your organization. Once you’ve “sized up” the situation, and if you’ve uncovered a problem, devising a remediation strategy is the next step. During this session, Mercer experts will discuss the evolution of remediation strategies and share insights on how to develop a remediation strategy that aligns with your organization’s pay equity objectives and budget constraints. 

This session will help you understand how to match your goals with budgets and remediation actions in the context of risk uncovered by the pay equity analysis. Many remediation strategies overlook where the risk is concentrated and are blind to gender and race. These strategies may not lead to the desired results. A better approach is to devise strategies tailored to your organization’s needs, taking into account your priorities, causes of pay gaps, targeting where gaps are concentrated, and the tradeoffs between these considerations.

It is imperative to:

  • Know the risk at an actionable group level
  • Walk into pay equity analyses with a clear set of priorities
  • Understand the trade-offs
  • Understand what drives risk in a particular group
  • Understand the different remediation tools and combinations of these

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Alex Grecu

Principal | Workforce Strategy and Analytics Practice

Grecu’s areas of expertise are economics, econometrics and statistics applied to business and compliance matters. He has extensive experience in compliance reviews with government labor regulations, self-reviews of employment practices, and analyses of the adverse impact of workforce reductions. Prior to Mercer, for more than ten years, he provided attorneys and in-house professionals with economic and statistical analyses in numerous class action matters involving allegations of gender, race, national origin and age discrimination in pay, promotions, and violations of federal and state wage and hour statutes. He earned his doctorate degree in applied economics from Clemson University.

Gail Greenfield

Principal | Workforce Strategy and Analytics Practice

In her role, Greenfield specializes in diversity and inclusion analytics. She has more than 15 years of experience helping organizations identify interventions that will enable them to drive performance through improvements in the management of their talent and create diverse and inclusive workforces. Areas of expertise include workforce analytics, pay equity, and diversity and inclusion. Her insights on pay equity have been featured by leading publications and organizations such as the Washington Post and WorldatWork. She earned her doctorate in economics from Claremont Graduate University and her bachelor’s degree in business economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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