The Flexible Workplace - Strategies for Your Organization (W2)


Learn the Fundamentals of Workplace Flexibility and Increase Organizational Effectiveness

Work-life balance is increasingly becoming important to employees, and organizations must find ways to implement flexibility in the workplace to attract and retain employees. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of workplace flexibility and a process for building a flexible workplace that maximizes employee productivity and supports the goals of your company. Topics covered include: 

  • The concepts and components of total rewards.
  • Various approaches to workplace flexibility.
  • How to conduct a discovery process to determine flexibility issues and identify their root causes.
  • Creating and presenting an effective business case for workplace flexibility.
  • Critical issues for implementing workplace flexibility. 

This course is designed for human resources professionals and business leaders with an interest in or responsibility for work-life programs and flexible work arrangements.

It is a required course for the Work-Life Certified Professional certification. The course includes real-world case studies and examples that provide practical application in workplace flexibility. Specific areas covered include: 

  • Total Rewards and Workplace Flexibility
    • Understand workplace flexibility in the context of total rewards. Learn about work-life as a strategy and approaches for achieving workplace flexibility.
  • Identifying Issues and Root Causes
    • Learn the business indicators; how to gather data to identify flexibility issues, needs and roots causes; approaches for scanning the external environment; and how to analyze and package qualitative and quantitative data. 
  • Identifying Potential Solutions
    • Learn the components of an effective business case and how to present your case. 
  • Developing and Implementing Solutions
    • Dive into implementation by understanding the role of the workplace flexibility team, key areas of an action plan, solution considerations and issues critical to successful implementation.
  • Evaluating the Solutions
    • Gain skills in evaluating the success of the workplace flexibility solution, presenting evaluation data and how to continuously improve the program.

Upon completing this work-life course on workplace flexibility, you will have knowledge to increase your organizational effectiveness.

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Class no longer offered after October 31, 2019.

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Course Credits & Certifications

  • Recertification

    Course: 2 credits

    Exam: 0.5 credits

  • CEUs

    Course: 1.5 credits

    Exam: 0.3 credits

  • HRCI Recertification

    16 classroom hours

  • SHRM Recertification
    16 classroom hours

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This course is intended for human resources professionals and business leaders with an interest in and responsibility for work-life programs that are designed to attract, motivate and retain employees.

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