The Awardco Recognition Revolution: Innovating on the Amazon Experience


Traditional rewards and recognition programs are built on limited catalogs, complicated processes, and exorbitant vendor markups that cheapen the recognition experience, leaving the employee feeling unrewarded, unmotivated, and unproductive. Awardco has partnered with Amazon Business to provide millions of redemption options, as well as an international network of hotels, events, gift cards and more. We offer the largest redemption network on the planet, free shipping, doorstep delivery, and absolutely zero markups. That’s what we like to call the “Amazon Experience.”

Building on the success of our Amazon integration, Awardco is growing fast and innovating even faster. We’re eager to show you how our new custom Recognition Program Builder can help you create countless programs based on different schedules, roles, departments, locations, and more. And award employees points for use exclusively in specific catalogs using our Smart Award Networks. And celebrate service awards in a completely unique digital experience we call MemoryBooks. Direct-to-door business purchasing. Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations. Turn-key Swag Stores…the list of innovations goes on and on.

Add all of these innovations to the industry standards Awardco has trumpeted from day one (all-in-one platform, automated process, easy budgeting, transparent reporting) and you’ll find yourself spending less time worrying about the details and more time recognizing good work from great employees.

Let us show you how to inspire human connection through rewarding recognition and truly reward your employees, not your vendors.

In this demo, we will cover:

  1. Recognition promises and problems
    1. The psychology of recognition and how it improves performance, engagement, happiness
    2. Traditional vendor pricing models, vendor catalogs
    3. How the experience is cheapened
  2. The technology revolution: leverage existing products using better technology
    1. Uber revolutionized ride-sharing
    2. AirBnB revolutionized lodging
    3. Amazon revolutionized ecommerce
  3. What is the “Amazon Experience"
  4. Awardco is revolutionizing rewards and recognition
  5. How to reward and recognize using Awardco
    1. Millions of redemption options: Amazon, hotels, gift cards, custom store, swag
    2. Zero markups
    3. Fast, free shipping
    4. Multiple programs, all-in-one platform
    5. The Amazon Experience
  6. Awardco Innovations
    1. Custom recognition programs
    2. Smart Award Network
    3. Direct-to-door business purchasing and procurement
    4. Memory book
    5. Turnkey company swag
    6. Integrations (Slack and Teams)

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Steve Sonnenberg

CEO | Awardco

Awardco’s founder and CEO, Steve Sonnenberg, learned a great deal from his father’s lifelong career helping McDonald’s build a strong employee recognition program. Steve even daydreamed about making a difference in the same industry one day. Those dreams pushed him to pursue an education in computer science and were never far from his thoughts as he developed software for several different companies early in his career.

In 2011, Steve recognized the critical need for new, innovative technology in the recognition industry, so he gave his cousin Mike a call. They set to work developing a platform to solve the pitfalls in the employee recognition industry: burdensome recognition processes, exorbitant markups on redemptions, and limited redemption options. After four long years of trial, error, and testing, our team officially took Awardco out of beta in 2015 and started solving employee recognition problems for an industry in serious need of improvement.

Steve’s vision resonated deeply within an industry in desperate need of change. Awardco has grown over 7,000% since 2015 as more and more clients have experienced a better way to recognize. It’s been particularly gratifying for Steve to see Awardco go from promising startup to a recognition industry disrupter, most recently landing at #25 on Inc. 5000’s 2019 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

Bronson Dameron

Content Manager | Awardco

Bronson has a passion for employee recognition and engagement that rivals only his love for dungeons and dragons. After many years in organizations where engagement was a pat on the back and a thank you card at Christmas, Bronson decided he wanted to do something about that to make work better for everyone involved—and to make it more fulfilling so life outside of work can be more engaging, too. With a degree in Psychology and an MBA, Bronson joined Awardco in 2019 and has written about, explored, and encouraged recognition and engagement in organizations all over the country.

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