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Pay equity is a top issue facing Total Rewards leaders around the world. The gender pay gap is a problem that isn’t going away. The spotlight on this issue is intense. Consider one of the most recent examples: The call to arms by Megan Rapinoe, captain of the U.S. women’s national soccer team, during and following her team’s championship victory at the 2019 World Cup tournament. At the same time, the march toward mandated levels of pay transparency is happening through ongoing regulatory change. Organizational initiatives focused on identifying and correcting pay disparities continue to expand. All the while, employers of choice are going beyond pay equity analysis to identify and resolve root causes to cultivate sustainable and transparent work environments where people feel they are treated respectfully, fairly and equitably.

To address this increasingly vital issue, WorldatWork is convening experts to provide leading-edge insights to educate Total Rewards and human resources leaders to guide organizations through the complexity of strategies and solutions to ensure pay equity.

From October 7-9, 2019, WorldatWork’s Pay Equity Symposium will host eight general sessions over the course of two days. The theme of the event is “Pay It Forward…Fairly!” Our previous Pay Equity Symposiums sold out quickly. Riding on the success of these events, we’re refreshing the format, elevating the conversation and presenting new information related to this rapidly changing landscape, with a focus on what’s going on right now and what’s on the horizon. It will feature a highly recognized keynote.

Join WorldatWork, a global leader in elevating equality in the world of work, to share your thought leadership and help Total Rewards and human resources leaders to ensure fairness and meet the intense regulatory requirements that are emerging.

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About the Event

Who attends?

The Symposium will attract more than 150 Total Rewards, compensation and HR leaders, primarily from the United States.

How long are the sessions?

The typical session is 1.25 hours. One facilitated panel session is 2.25 hours in length and is designed for presenters to provide brief updates and then facilitate conversations with individuals to share challenges and receive solutions from panelists and the audience.

How many sessions will there be?

We’ll have eight sessions.

How many attendees can come to a session?

The sessions are plenary, each with 150+ attendees.

About the Call for Proposals

What is WorldatWork looking for in a proposal?

For the October 2019 Pay Equity Symposium, we are seeking proposals from practitioners and experts that focus on one or more of the following topics (please note that the typical session is 1.25 hours, with one panel discussion that is 2.25 hours):

  • Evolving global and U.S. legal/regulatory landscape
  • Emerging pay equity issues and solutions
  • Beyond pay: How might your benefits contribute to pay gaps?
  • Pay equity analysis: What’s your challenge? [suggested topic for 2.25-hour panel discussion]
  • Models for pay equity analysis: Options, pros/cons, applications and impact
  • Root causes of pay inequity: Is it pay or something else?
  • Remediation strategies for swift and lasting impact
  • Crafting a high-impact pay equity organization philosophy and strategy
  • Leading edge communication practices promoting transparency and fairness [suggested topic for 1.0 hour session]
  • Other suggested high-impact, leading-edge pay equity topics.

Each session should:

  • Actively engage 150+ participants
  • Include relevant data/research
  • Share real-world case study examples
  • Provide attendees with how-to takeaways, applications and/or tools to be implemented
  • Present considerations (pros/cons), approach options and lessons learned for a variety of situations.

How does WorldatWork score proposals?

Due to a limited schedule, we can’t accept all proposals.

Our review team will evaluate proposals using these criteria:

  • ‘Fit’ with desired topics or best/leading-edge practices
  • Evidence of expertise of presenter(s)
  • Evidence of engaging presentation of presenter(s) – e.g. prior presenter, audience testimonials, video, etc.
  • High audience engagement methodology
  • Delivery of innovative and/or provocative concepts/thinking
  • Overall quality of submission
    • How well the proposal describes the content, speaker and delivery of information
    • Completeness of proposal including detailed outline of presentation in addition to all presenter bios and evidence of presenter expertise and style. Note: brief videos or testimonials may be included
  • And, for sessions of the following lengths:
    • For 1-hour to 1.25-hour sessions, design includes:
      • High engagement level of audience
      • Delivers innovative and provocative concepts/thinking
      • Provides and educates on use of at least one (1) tool and implementation methodology
    • For sessions longer than 1.25 hours, design includes:
      • High engagement level of audience
      • Delivers provocative and/or innovative concepts/thinking
      • Provides and educates on use of at least one (1) tool and implementation methodology
      • One or more case studies or exercises including context, challenge, methodology, tools, outcomes and lessons learned

Please note: Successful proposals are based upon a relevant topic, concept or idea, and not on products, services or proprietary information. To best support the majority of our members’ needs as ‘on the ground’ TR leaders, WorldatWork seeks a majority of presentations featuring practitioners’ perspectives and experiences.

At the event, all sessions will be evaluated to the degree in which they:

  • Met or exceeded learning objectives
  • Included valued content
  • Featured a presenter who demonstrated an appropriate level of expertise and an engaging style
  • Utilized successful audience engagement methodology
  • Did NOT ‘sell’ a firm’s services.

When will I hear if WorldatWork accepted or declined my proposal?

We’ll send acceptance and decline emails by August 30, 2019.

If WorldatWork accepts my proposal, what are my speaker benefits?

Your speaker benefits will include visibility and recognition as a thought leader as well as receipt of a complimentary event registration so you can attend all sessions and meals and network with peers during the three (3) days of this Symposium. Event speaking engagements are proven to help boost professional capability, credibility and achievement of goals, benefitting you and your organization.

In addition, if you’re a practitioner or an academic or nonprofit organization representative, we’ll pay for up to a two-night stay at a host hotel. (Consultants and service providers are not eligible for lodging reimbursement.) No other expenses will be reimbursed.

Is there anything else I should know?

We ask that you don’t market or promote any services or lead-generation activities during your session.

Presenters will be provided with feedback within ninety (90) days of the event’s completion.

What You Must Submit

What information must I include in my proposal submission?

In our Call for Proposals portal, you will first need to set up an account. You will then be prompted to provide the following:

  • Primary contact information
  • Presenter contact information for all presenters
  • Presenter biography for all presenters
  • Session title
  • Session topic
  • Learning outcomes
  • Learning approach
  • Session description (150 words maximum)

WorldatWork, a global leader in diversity, inclusion and pay equity for Total Rewards and human resources professionals, seeks proposals and speakers representing a wide range of diversity, with a commitment to highlighting the diversity of perspective, opinion and representation in our profession.

The Call for Proposals is open.


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