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Base Pay Administration & Evaluation

In this session, we will explore how individual pay rates are determined, as well as the rationale for delivering future pay increases to employees.

Fundamental to the pay equity discussion is the issue of evaluating and administering base pay. In fact, how well base pay is administered will make or break the success of any reward system. After all, base pay delivery is the “face” to the employees of the entire compensation program.

In this session, we will explore how individual pay rates are determined, as well as the rationale for delivering future pay increases to employees. You will learn about the various pay actions that can either increase or decrease an employee’s pay, describe various strategies for communicating pay actions, and explain how to develop and communicate salary recommendations for new hires.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The most common issues faced in administering and evaluating a base pay program
  • Methods for monitoring and adjusting pay levels
  • The causes and solutions of compression
  • How to identify methods and processes for performing technical audits
  • How to conduct perception audits of various stakeholders.
  • How to communicate effectively with the entire workforce, and with individual employees with regard to pay actions.

John A. Rubino , CCP, CBP, GRP, WLCP, is president and founder of Rubino Consulting Services (RCS), a global human resources consulting company based in Pound Ridge, New York. His areas of expertise are in the design and implementation of corporate values/objectives and their link to human resources strategies, performance-driven incentive plans, sales compensation programs, performance management systems, management training programs, HR communication programs, and more. Previously, Mr. Rubino was senior manager of HR consulting services for Ernst & Young LLP and director of executive compensation for The Equitable Life Insurance Company. He has provided a variety of human resources services to organizations in the financial services, high-tech, manufacturing, and public sectors. Mr. Rubino is the author of two books, Developing Compensation Programs: Job Analysis, Evaluation and Classification and Communicating Compensation Programs: An Approach to Providing Information to Employees. Mr. Rubino’s human resource consulting practice takes him all around the world. In fact, he has visited more than one hundred countries!

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