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Creating a Psychologically Safe and Humanized Workplace

Establish a unique culture that attracts the right talent, drives engagement, and better understand modern diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

HR challenges today include poor global engagement statistics and a lack of trust in the workplace. This session will help HR professionals create a sense of belonging and trust in the workplace, attract the right talent, drive engagement, and better understand modern diversity and inclusion.

In a world where technology is changing fast, a loneliness epidemic is looming and remote and flex work isn't an anomaly, how do we rehumanize the workplace, ensure it is psychologically safe, and have our teams rooted in a sense of belonging?

In this session, Eric Termuende will talk through how we need to understand and establish a unique culture and tell the right story to attract the right people. Eric will walk through a framework that ensures people can have their voices heard, where trust is increased, and the bottom-line is improved as a result.

Participants will learn why:
• Diversity and inclusion isn’t enough, we need to be measuring belonging and trust Engagement isn’t what we fix, it is a byproduct of what we fix
• A best culture doesn’t exist, an optimized culture does
• Human connection is (and will continue to be) increasingly important
• The job description needs to be more than a skills and requirements documents

Start building a psychologically safe and humanized workplace today.

Eric Termuende

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