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Performance Management is Killing Performance: Here's the Fix

Rethink and redesign your approach to performance management. Learn how to road map a performance management program optimized for today's fast-paced business world.

It’s not 1976. Why are we still managing performance like it still is? Despite globalization and profound shifts in workforce expectations (just ask your parents or grandparents about work “back then”), 70% of global organizations still manage performance with techniques pioneered in the last century. Why are they so stuck? And why, despite the “pay for performance” rewards mantra, is there rarely a strong connection between pay incentives and differentiated performance?

Join PeopleFirm CEO and author of “How Performance Management is Killing Performance,” Tamra Chandler, as she shares how to rethink and redesign your approach to performance management. Attendees will be given a roadmap for a performance management program optimized for today's increasingly connected, customizable and Millennial-driven business world.

Attendees will:
• Gain context and a clear understanding of the case against traditional performance management.
• Learn the top reasons the area of rewards/compensation is often the biggest barrier to rebooting performance management.
• Have an understanding of the “Pay for Capabilities, Reward for Contribution” model to drive performance and discuss its application in various settings.
• Get tips and tricks to build support from their team and leaders.

Tamra Chandler

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