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What a Best-in-Class Recognition Program Looks Like

Learn how companies like Carnival Cruises, Delta Airlines, Verizon, and Southwest Airlines use best practices to design and deliver recognition and engagement programs.

Watch this discussion with top practitioners and industry experts to learn how companies like Carnival Cruise Line, Delta Air Lines, Verizon Wireless and Southwest Airlines use best practices to design and deliver effective recognition and engagement programs.

It’s no secret that employee engagement and performance is key to the success of any organization. Research shows that engagement and performance are enhanced by systematic employee recognition, which is defined as the acknowledgment of individual and team behavior that supports an organizations goals and values. Far too often, designing recognition programs in an organization is an afterthought. Companies that use best practice standards have a systematic way for the employees, managers, customers and top leadership to deliver effective recognition.

In this session, you’ll learn:
• Why and how recognition is the key driver of engagement
• Common terminology in the recognition industry
• Best practices of leading companies like Carnival Cruise Line, Delta Air Lines, Verizon Wireless and Southwest Airlines
• Key benefits of successful recognition programs
• Tips for how to create and/or modify your recognition and engagement efforts

Raise the bar on your efforts and ensure your recognition program drives employee performance. Watch the session today!

Carl Anderson
David Klein
Theresa Harkins
Ashlee Green
Scott Russell
Joanna Mathews

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