Flu/Pandemic Planning and Response

In the event of an influenza pandemic, employers can play a key role in protecting employees' health and safety as well as in limiting the impact on the economy and society. Human resources and total rewards professionals are often tasked with being involved in or spearheading flu/pandemic planning and response. Effects of influenza pandemics include employee absences, changes in patterns of commerce and interrupted supply and delivery schedules. Proper advance-planning will allow employers to better protect their employees and lessen the impact of a pandemic on their organization and more broadly on their communities.

WorldatWork has compiled a set of resources for HR and total rewards professionals for flu/pandemic planning and response, including:

  • Official U.S. flu/pandemic resources
  • Flu news and resources for businesses

We invite you look over the resources offered on this page to assist you in preparing for an influenza pandemic or similar type of pandemic.

WorldatWork's COVID-19 Quick Poll Results - Updated Daily

With uncertainty about the coronavirus (COVID-19) constantly evolving, I would like to share with you our plan for the current challenges and those on the horizon. The health and safety of our members, event attendees, and employees is our highest priority and will guide our ongoing decisions. We are in touch with, and closely monitoring, reports from the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and agencies in other countries and states where we hold classes and conferences. We are following, and will continue to follow, the health and safety recommendations of international, federal and state officials 24/7 until the crisis is over. We will take all the necessary precautions to keep our global communities safe and healthy.

Flexible training and education offerings to keep you safe

We have a number of e-learning options to enable learners to continue their education in a safe environment. If you're already scheduled for an in-person class and want to make a change, you have the option to either take it via e-learning or pick a different date up to 24 months from the original date.

In addition, we are providing our Local Networks the option of converting in-person classes to an e-learning environment.


As of today, WorldatWork is continuing with our Total Rewards Conference and Exhibition in June, our Executive Compensation Forum in July, our Spotlight on Sales Compensation Conference in August, our Total Rewards Canadian Conference in September, and our Workplace Equity Forum in October. We are hopeful to be able to use these events to bring people back together after such a difficult time in our history. We will move forward with these events assuming the current COVID-19 concerns have been fully resolved.


All of our scheduled virtual courses are continuing and for any face-to-face class or program, our teams are evaluating on an ongoing basis based on their timing and clearances from the proper authorities. We are hopeful that the current climate will improve shortly, but to provide peace of mind we are offering significant flexibility for you to help ease any of the stress associated with registration of future classes or events. Please contact customerrelations@worldatwork.org for more information about how we can best assist you.

Pearson Vue Testing Centers

Pearson VUE testing centers are currently closed to support social distancing practices. If you have purchased a WorldatWork exam between November 20, 2019 - March 2, 2020, and were planning to take it at a Pearson VUE center soon, know that we are working to extend your window of opportunity to do so. Instead of your typical 120-day testing window, we've extended exams that were purchased but not yet completed to expire on 7/1/2020.

We will provide updates often and make decisions based on evolving developments, including the United States' national emergency declaration, to ensure we keep our WorldatWork community safe. I would like to personally thank you for your courage during this crisis, and for your ongoing support. It is my sincere hope that you, your family, and coworkers remain healthy as we pull together to keep one another safe and working to build a strong future for the world that works.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Warm Regards,
Scott Cawood
President & CEO


WorldatWork Resources

WorldatWork Resources

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Pandemic Flu Guide for Individuals and Families
Business Continuity Planning for Illness Outbreak or Epidemic
Business Continuity Planning for Natural and Man-Made Disasters
White Paper
Business Continuity Planning During Flu Season
White Paper

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