Effectively Incentivize the Revenue Generators on Your Team.

For the vast majority of companies, gaining and sustaining traction and momentum in the marketplace depends upon a motivated sales force.

WorldatWork can teach you how to meet the challenge of designing sales compensation strategies that work in today’s complex environment.

Global vs. Localized Sales Compensation

Use global sales compensation principles to design effective sales compensation plans regardless of differences found among divisions, regions and local leadership.

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Next-level Incentive Comp: Going Beyond Automation to Deliver Real Value

When done correctly, automating incentive compensation can help yield these results. However, automation alone is table stakes—especially for large, complex organizations. Have you thought about next steps? After last year, managing change—whether expected or not—has become more crucial.

Take Your Total Rewards Strategy to the Next Level with the Power of the Radford Network®

Rewards professionals can spend a significant amount of time to obtain needed compensation data for fiscal year salary budgeting, focal review, salary structure, and other compensation related decisions and a significant amount of effort to perform global market benchmarking.

Total Rewards Effectiveness in a Changing World

Even prior to COVID-19, there were tremendous changes taking place in the workplace – from digitalization to the emergence of the gig economy to an increase in virtual work.

Sales Compensation Certification

The Certified Sales Compensation Professional (CSCP)® designation signifies that you have the critical knowledge to design, administrate, evaluate and manage sales compensation programs that attract, motivate, engage and retain dynamic sales representatives and teams.

The CSCP is earned with the passing score of a single competency-based exam. WorldatWork offers extensive exam preparations for this and other professional designations.

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