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Grade-A Volunteer, Local Network Liaison

Tracy Hawxhurst, Local Network Liaison 

No matter how you parse it, our time on this planet is valuable. Many people choose to spend their hours away from work pursuing individual goals and leisure activities. Other people volunteer their time for a charitable cause or a greater mission. They are driven by the gracious act of helping others.

Tracy Hawxhurst is in the latter camp. She spends much of her free time and energy aiding in the development of children in her local community. Hawxhurst, the mother of a third-grade boy and an eighth-grade girl, is the president of the ParentTeacher Student Association in Buellton, Calif. She also is the chair coordinator and holds a board position for the Santa Ynez Valley Youth Football League.

Hawxhurst too has chosen the right occupation. As the Local Network liaison for WorldatWork, she gets to engage regularly with 59 Local Network affiliates and thousands of business professionals who are motivated by serving and advancing the total rewards profession.

Workspan: What is the greatest part about working with Local Network leaders?
A: I enjoy working with Local Network leaders so much because of their dedication. The amount of time and energy they spend as volunteers is an amazing thing. They’re always looking for the best, most recent educational products, and they want to grow the profession and enhance their associations. They’re really engaged with the profession and make the most out of their experiences, whether it’s seeking out a network or discussing people’s successes and gaining an overall view of what’s going on.

W: Tell us a little bit about your experience with the annual Local Network Leadership Conference.
A: The Local Network Leadership Conference is the Sunday before the Total Rewards Conference. I’ve been a part of it on site for four years. The best part is the idea sharing that comes out of it. Having each leader learn from each other. Listening to their wins and their challenges. I love when somebody emails me weeks or months after the conference to tell me how they used or implemented an out-of-the-box idea that came up in discussion. This year we changed up the format and did a lot more networking. We relied on our leaders to really drive the agenda and it made a profound difference. We had a lot more engagement.

W: The Local Network of the Year award always seems to create a positive buzz. How is the winner determined?
A: We look at five categories to determine the award: 1) advancement of the profession; 2) professional development of members; 3) strong member engagement; 4) community involvement; and 5) operation of a professional association. It was very rewarding to see this year’s winner — Total Rewards KC — so excited to win. It proves that they’re doing outstanding work and their members are being heard.


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